“Fresh Start” – “Prophesy” – “Catch the Sun” – “Southern Pride”

By “Mamie Joe” Rayburn


$300 (Each) (Unframed)


Mamie Joe Rayburn is a first generation American Chinese, educated in the South at Delta State University and the University of Mississippi, where she earned her BFA. She has established a strong record as a talented printmaker.

For Mamie, the very basic elements of line, space and color are essential ingredients in her art. How these elements react with one another is always her major concern. She focuses intently on the interrelationship of positive and negative spaces, while giving great emphasis to composition. She solidifies her work by using high contrast as well as a variety of textures. Finally, she employs symbols, which have special meanings relating to her upbringing in the South and her Chinese heritage.

She has exhibited extensively (over 300 one and two person shows). Her work is held in private collections all over the United States.

Medium Mixed Media on Paper

Dimensions 8" x 8" (Each) (Unframed)

Styles Mixed Media on Paper, Original Art On Paper

Subjects Abstract