P.T. Tiersky

P.T. Tiersky was born in a small, farming community in Illinois in 1959.  During his growing up years, he often mixed artistic papers and paint with found objects.  After a move to Southern California in 1985, this hobby turned into a full-time endeavor.  P.T.’s current series, ”Assembling a Puzzle” combines acrylic and collage on wooden boxes of various sizes to form complete three-dimensional images.  Tiersky’s work can be found in private collections and as corporate placements all over the United States.

Styles: 3-Dimensional Art

“Landscape Box I”

Mixed Media…Paper/Textile/Paint

20" x 20" x 3" (Box)


“Curvey Boxes”

Mixed Media on Wood

48" x 6" (Freestanding)

$700 (each)

“Textured Boxes”

Mixed Media on Wood

48" x 6" (Freestanding)

$595 (each)

“Stepping Up”

Mixed Media on Wood (high gloss)

48" x 8" (Freestanding)