Alexys Henry

Alexys Henry was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but has spent significant time, either as a child, or an adult in upstate New York, Berkeley, California and Seattle, Washington.  The energy and history of Berkeley are reflected in many of her abstract paintings.  “I’m drawn to every day details such as cracks in walls and layers of peeling paint and poster paper.  Nature flourishes alongside urban decay.  For me, this is the backdrop of a duplicitous sense of danger as well as home and community.” Her time in Seattle and the ability to drive along the Pacific coastline inspired her abstracted water scenes.  Henry is now back in Phoenix where she lives and works. In her own words: “I love to experiment with new materials and combinations. My style carries contemporary as well as organic and urban sensibilities.” Her work is collected throughout the United States.

Styles: Contemporary/Abstract , Transitional


Acrylic on Canvas

60" x 60" (Framed)



Acrylic on Canvas

61" x 97" (Framed)


“Journey’s Start”

Acrylic on Canvas

49" x 61" (Framed)


“Jewel Study”

Acrylic on Canvas

61" x 71" (Framed)


“Sandstone Decay”

Acrylic on Canvas

44" x 64" (Framed)


“Aqua Layers”

Acrylic & Mixed Media

50" x 50" (Framed)


“Silver Meadow”

Acrylic on Canvas

61" x 61" (Framed)


“Capital Case”

Acrylic on Canvas

60" x 70" (Unframed)