Joshua Schicker

Joshua Paul Schicker was born in Omaha, Nebraska and was raised in a variety of places, including Izmir, Turkey; Guam; and Washington State.  These diverse cultural experiences had great influence on his later artwork.  The artist arrived in Phoenix as a freshman in high school and had the good fortune to study under a talented university professor, where he excelled as a figurative artist for the next six years.

Learning traditional, mixed media and digital art was a great asset as he developed his personal style.  In his own words… “Being a centered brain individual, the computer has become an important tool for me…just as important as canvas and paint.”

Schicker’s style is loose and contemporary – his abstracts have flow and rhythm, with organic elements as well.  The artist works mostly in acrylic paint on canvas.  His work can be found in collections throughout the United States and Canada.


Styles: Contemporary/Abstract

“Drop a Note”

Acrylic on Canvas

55" x 80" (Unframed)


“Dab of the Pen I”

Acrylic Mixed Media

31" x 31" (Framed)

$2,920 each; $5,500 pair

“Dab of the Pen II”

Acrylic Mixed Media

31" x 31" (Framed)

$2,920 each; $5,000 pair

“Blue Vista Swing”

Mixed Media/Golf Leaf

51" x 61" (Framed)


“All That Glitters I”

Acrylic & Golf Leaf on Canvas

35" x 28" (Framed)

$2,550 each; $4,800 pair

“All That Glitters II”

Acrylic & Gold Leaf on Canvas

35" x 28" (framed)

$2,550 each; $4,800 pair

“Four Corners”

Mixed Media on Canvas

61" x 61" (framed)