Carol Browning

Carol Browning earned her BFA (with honors) in painting from University of Colorado Denver. She spent 20 years as an Interior Designer, all the while keeping her passion for painting alive, until she made the decision to give painting her full attention.

Recent paintings by Browning are a series of abstract expressionist work that delve into composition, juxtaposition of form and color. They are about passion, purposeful brushwork and movement of paint and line across the canvas. Each piece begins with a bright color palette, influenced by western light. Layers of neutrals, washes and gestural marks are added until only hints of the original conception remain. It is akin to peering into the artist’s soul.

The artist works and lives in Denver.  Her work is held in collections all over the United States.

Styles: Contemporary/Abstract

Home Installation – Browning

Acrylic on Canvas

Each 48" x 36" (Framed)



Acrylic on Canvas

41" x 41" (Framed)



Acrylic on Canvas

49" x 61" (Framed)


“Thinking Out Loud”

Acrylic on Canvas

49" x 37" (Framed)



Acrylic on Canvas

33" x 57" (Framed)