Art Consulting/Office Installations


Your Full-Service Corporate Art Connection
Providing original art that sets the right tone for your business.

Chris often works with senior management, architects and project managers in the build-out of new or renovated office space. She serves as a single point of accountability for the selection, delivery and installation of art. Her focus is helping create the desired impact and getting size, color and scale right for the space. She can also suggest reframing ideas for existing art and company materials to upgrade the look and feel of your space.

Important Considerations:

  • Open your mind to varied possibilities. We can access our vast resources with a range of ideas.
  • Pay particular attention to the main entrance. First impressions matter!
  • Think through multiple sight lines in each space.
  • Create variety and get the scale right…use one large piece or multiple smaller pieces.


Common Mistakes:

  • Being too “safe” (Make a statement!). Art is often the only source of color in a corporate setting.
  • Too many chefs in the kitchen. Keep the “Art Committee” small.
  • Failing to give private office holders a choice. They need to be invested in the process.
  • Using pieces too small for the available space
  • Hanging art too high

Jodi Maas

Each 60" x 96"

Connor Francis

48" x 48" & 48" x 72"

Sydney Edmunds

44" x 74"

Dennis Smith Carney

40" x 60"

Ursula J. Brenner

40" x 60"

Brian O'Neill

48" x 24"

Connor Francis

48" x 60" & 30" x 30"

Jodi Reeb


Carlyn Janus

30" x 60" & 40" x 60"

William Nelson

36" x 24"

Connor Francis

48" x 24"