Tim O’Toole

Timothy O’Toole was born in Dayton, Ohio, started painting at an early age and went on to earn a B.F.A. from the University of Cincinnati.  He is particularly fond of landscapes and is inspired by the work of Claude Monet.  Tim’s work is classified as “contemporary impressionism.”  He is best known for his plein-air painting and his ability to capture mood and lighting.  In his words… “When I am in the field, I react to whatever captivates me and I work quickly to capture what I see as the light changes.  It’s a mental exercise.  When a scene captivates my attention, I paint, spreading the paint over the canvas using brushes, palette knives and my fingers…anything to capture the moment.”

Styles: Transitional

“Gore Creek II”

Acrylic on Canvas

43" x 63" (Framed)


“Whispering Creek”

Acrylic on Canvas

65" x 42" (Framed)


“Early Bloom”

Acrylic on Canvas

50" x 38" (Framed)


“Rolling Hills”

Acrylic on Canvas

47" x 36" (Framed)