“The Visitor’s House”

By Martha Pfanschmidt


$140 (Unframed)


As a child, Martha Pfanschmidt sat at the kitchen table drawing with crayons while her mother cooked dinner. She lost herself in the activity of drawing…her first experience dealing with the infinite.

In her own words: “In school I loved making things—scratchboard drawings with black crayon over colored boards, linoleum block Christmas cards, clay figurines glazed in garish colors. At home I continued to draw, and found opportunities to express my creativity in other activities like making gingerbread houses and planting a garden. As an adult I continue to find much joy in the act of creation. Whether I am making a collage or painting, I am the alchemist, turning raw materials into beautiful and provocative objects. I am deeply moved by beauty and need it around me for my well-being; it is a pleasure and a necessity.” 

Martha received her Bachelor’s from Portland State University in 1978 and her MFA from Vermont College in 1998. Her work has been exhibited extensively over the years and can be found in private and public collections all over the United States.

Medium Black & White Etching

Dimensions 4" x 4" (Unframed)

Styles Etchings, Original Art On Paper

Subjects Abstract