Sold (Framed)


Kathleen Doud Reilley, a fourth generation resident of Ventura, California, was born into a family of artists. She grew up with easels, paints, pastels, art classes and gallery visits. She received her B.A. from Chico State, with a major in Liberal Studies and a minor in Art. After a teaching career lasting several years, she turned to serigraphs for the next 20 years, printmaking on paper, fabrics and tiles. Her focus on encaustic painting only began in 2003.

Doud Reilley’s compositions are paintings in the encaustic medium, representing aspects of nature, from landscapes to seascapes, often focusing on the horizon line, the line that separates us from our place on earth and the heavens. Encaustic paint consists of beeswax and pigment with a resin base. It must be heated before application, each layer of paint fused to the layer beneath. Encaustic paint can be opaque or translucent, giving a unique depth to the finished product. And…when heated, the beeswax smells divine, often attracting hummingbirds to the sweet honeyed fragrance in Kathleen’s studio.

Medium Encaustic on Wood

Dimensions 28" x 28" (Framed)

Styles Transitional

Subjects Floral