$1,350 (Box)


Katharine McGuinness is a professional printmaker.  She earned a BFA from the University of Colorado in 1976 and has taught at the college level.

Her most recent work is an abstract series of “Monotypes,” rich with colors that are bold and uplifting, moody and alluring.  A monotype is a painting done by the artist, and in McGuinness’ case, with lithography inks onto a printing plate.  This painting is then transferred onto 100% rag paper through an etching press.  Katharine works on a drawing composition first, then uses that composition as a basis for creating a series of works repeating or changing colors as design elements.  Some images may be similar to each other, but each piece is painted onto the plate freeform by the artist, with ever changing color and technique.  There is no edition; each piece is unique.

Katharine’s work is held in collections throughout the United States.

Medium Printmaking Ink on Wood

Dimensions 30" x 30" x 2" (Box)

Styles 3-Dimensional Art, Contemporary/Abstract

Subjects Abstract , Floral