Alix Evendorff - Toward Home - 18 x 42

$1,525 (Framed)


A Colorado artist, Alix Evendorff studied extensively with the internationally known abstract artists, Dale Chisman and Amy Metier.  In her own words… “I believe that true meaning cannot be conveyed by the outer appearance of things, but must be recognized on a deeper level of awareness.  Above all, I consider myself a colorist.  I believe art is timeless and evokes the spiritual, be it through signs, symbols, colors or forms.  I continue to explore the possibilities of line and luminous color while moving into a more three dimensionally considered space. Along with pushing the picture plane, my paintings create a visual dichotomy between structured (conscious) and unstructured (unconscious) elements.”  Alix likes to watch people view her work.  They invariably each see something different and entirely unique to their own experience.  Her work is on display throughout the United States.

Medium Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions 18" x 42" (Framed)

Styles Transitional

Subjects Landscapes , Trees/Woods