6 January

Large Paintings - Art Galleries

As we enter the New Year, take note…2017’s home trends call for a move away from rooms of predominately gray and taupe tones and towards a new pallet of jewel tones. These lush colors include greens, deep blues, amethyst, rose quartz and fiery orange. As a Chicago gallery specializing in large paintings, we have begun seeing our clients and designers take a greater interest in large, original artwork (and other home accessories) with much bolder colors to add a “pop” of interest in otherwise neutral rooms. Particularly in rooms with big, open spaces, large colorful paintings are needed to make a “statement.”


According to Sue Wadden of Sherwin Williams: “We’ve been watching green gain momentum in the last few seasons.  Look for deep emerald greens as well as the Pantone color of the year…’Greenery’ (a strong parrot green).” Pantone says: “Greenery represents refreshment, revitalization and optimism. This life affirming shade is something we could all benefit from in our complex social and political environment.”


Indigo blue also remains a popular color choice for a modern twist with a traditional feel. Navy blue pairs well with practically any color scheme and lends mystery to a space without making it feel small. Artwork with strong shades of blue is peaceful, serene and continues to be very much in demand.
Look for these color trends in art, home decor, fashion and commercial design in the New Year.  Maybe it’s time to embrace a color change and update the look and feel of your home.