“Zanfirico Glass Plates”

By Tim McFadden


Price varies with size


A Baltimore native, Tim McFadden found his love for blowing glass in 2001 while attending Salisbury University on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. McFadden’s “Stone Series” was inspired by the idea of stones in a riverbed. The fluidity of the glass plays perfectly with the movement of the piece. The ability to create organic shapes with each glass piece mimics nature in a way that could not be accomplished with any other medium. The individual pieces can be arranged on the wall in any fashion, thereby creating a creative link between the artist and the patron. Each stone is individually blown. Even when the same colors are used, it is impossible to recreate the exact same shape or composition. The body of work is infinite as McFadden can vary the color, compositions and sizes of each piece.

Medium Blown Glass

Dimensions Varying size

Styles 3-Dimensional Art