$1,100 each; $2,000 pair (Unframed)


Inspired by her mother, a portrait artist, and influenced by her only Aunt, a Chinese Brush Painter, Jane was surrounded by art and an inherent passion for the painterly process. Jane grew up in Michigan, and was a BFA graduate of Denison University. She lived and worked in New York as a professional stage manager on Broadway for ten years and moved to Westchester where she returned to study painting and color.

When introduced to the press and process of monotype, it was as if she had returned home. Within the structure of the plate and the press, possibilities are unending. Finding form in the simplest line of nature, the personal and emotional venue of life, monotype is a tool for layers and depth, for light and movement. It allows for the unintended stroke and presence of the hand.

Medium Mono Print on Paper

Dimensions 30" x 22" (Unframed)

Styles Transitional

Subjects Still Life