Pica Birt - Skyscraper - 63 x 27

$3,950 (Framed)


Born in Romania in 1964, Pica Birt graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelors degree in Architecture.  Fascinated by space, she wanted to take time to study and understand the relationship between solid and void, light and shadow, and the importance of searching for a concept and the meaning of proportions, texture and color.  Upon graduation, she immediately shifted to the Ontario College of Art and became an independent artist.

Birt’s art explores the surface of a moment.  There is a sense of oscillation between what is certain and uncertain, the transient impression of things that surround us.  Sensuousness defines Birt’s paintings.  Her artworks seem to be captured in time at the moment of their most mysterious vibrancy.  They emanate optimism and energy.  Every surface is filled with color and texture.  Sharp edges and contrasting colors produce images that reveal sceneries, objects and environments of a familiar but mysterious calm.

Medium Oil on Canvas

Dimensions 63" x 27" (Framed)

Styles Transitional

Subjects Architectural