Barbara Pihos

Barbara Pihos produces exquisite etchings. In her own words… “My work begins outdoors with a search for a location that strikes an emotional response in me. I may find it nearby in a place I see often or far away at the end of a journey. The theme of my work is “Unspoiled Nature.” I am drawn to the northern woods of our continent to find tranquility and renewal of spirit.

Returning to my studio with sketches, I prepare a zinc plate by degreasing and brushing on an acid-resistant ground. I apply conte chalk to the back of my sketch; place it on the grounded plate and redraw, thereby transferring the sketch to the plate. Using a needle to draw through the ground, I add an abundance of details.

I submerge the plate in a tray of nitric acid heated to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-30 minutes to bite the image into the plate. I draw finer details and etch again for 10-15 minutes. To proof the plate I remove the ground, cover it with black etching ink, and place it on my etching press bed with damp, rag paper and etching blankets on top. I then hand-crank it through the press. This proof functions as a guide to the painting process of the aquatint technique and as the structure of the final work.”

Styles: Etchings

“On a Fine Day”


19" x 21" (Unframed)


“On the Ridge”


18" x 27" (Unframed)




18" x 21" (Unframed)