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"Cloud Cover"

Dennis Smith Carney

Acrylic on Canvas

25" x 61" (Framed)


"Evergreen" (Diptych)

Natasha Barnes

Acrylic on Canvas

40" x 40" (each) (Framed)

$2,975 (each); $5,600 (pair)


Helen Zarin

Oil on Canvas

37" x 37" (Framed)


"Wild Field"

Carlyn Janus

Acrylic on Canvas

21" x 21" (each) (Framed)

$1,490 (each); $2,800 (pair)


Noah Desmond

Oil on Canvas

49" x 61" (Framed)

"Fleurs Abstracto IV"

Helen Zarin

Oil on Canvas

50" x 53" (Framed)


"Warm Waters"

Trish Hurley

Oil on Canvas

30" x 56" (Framed)


"Floral Impression"

Emilija Pasagic

Acrylic on Canvas

49" x 37" (Framed)


"Forest Shadows"

Noah Desmond

Oil on Canvas

49" x 61" (Framed)



Carol Browning

Acrylic on Canvas

61" x 49" (Framed)


"Raised Bridges for Tall Masts"

William Nelson

Oil on Canvas

29" x 35" (Framed)



Jeff Koehn

Acrylic on Canvas

41" x 61" (Framed)


"Glass Rock Series"

Tim McFadden

Blown Glass

Varied Sizes (hung freestanding) ()

Prices Vary by Size

"Fleurs Abstracto VI"

Helen Zarin

Oil on Canvas

31" x 31" (Framed)



Terri Hallman

Paint on Paper

34" x 34" (Framed)


All Recent Acquisitions

Chris Bates

Owner/ Art Consultant

Original art is the final touch that adds personality, freshness, and a sense of surprise to your home.


For 40 years, Chris bates has helped clients create beautiful and unique fine art collections. She is especially proud of the gallery’s reputation for art expertise and good design sense.

“The gallery serves up a visual feast, with a richly varied inventory that satisfies every (good) taste.”

— D. Vos, Chicago

"I have been to hundreds of galleries across the country and few stand up to the caliber of the Art Post Gallery. None have more friendly or helpful art professionals."

— David Golding

“I get a thrill each time I walk through the door. The artists and the quality of their paintings are exceptional and found no place else.”

— Rita DeVito

“They have an amazing variety of artists and styles; I know I will always find something that works for my clients. And…their framing is exquisite.”

— Karen Silva, KBS Creative Décor

“Such exquisite and experienced taste in artists, subject matter and color pallets can only be the polished result of a trained and sophisticated eye. And…their fine framing is an art form.”

— Rose Place