Fall Collection - Art for the Inspired Home

New Arrivals

"Fractured Landscape"

Mary Kim

Oil on Canvas

40" x 40" (Framed)


"Indigo Plant I"

Jane Cooper

Monoprint on Paper

20" x 16" (Unframed)

$780 each; $1,400 pair

"Menina Blue"

Paolo Cordano

Mixed Media on Canvas

40" x 28" (Unframed)


"Shimmer of Blossoms"

Nancy Ngo

Acrylic on Canvas

46" x 26" (Framed)



Sarah Stockstill

Acrylic on Canvas

40" x 40" (Unframed)


"Yellow Blooms"

Alix Evendorff

Oil on Canvas

27" x 33" (Framed)


"Red Dot"

Natasha Barnes

Acrylic on Canvas

30" x 60" (Framed)


"Chapter 2"

Terri Hallman

Paint on Board

26" x 26" (Framed)


"Indigo Abstract"

Ursula J. Brenner

Acrylic on Canvas

62" x 42" (Framed)


"Brune Cuivree"


Mixed Media on Canvas

42" x 42" (Framed)

"Scultura 9361 (close-up)"

Tom Matucci

Mixed Media Sculpture

41" x 12" x 12" (Free-standing)

"River Poetry"

Taylor Cox

Acrylic on Canvas

32" x 32" (Framed)



Jeanne Echternach

Oil on Panel

12" x 14" (Framed)


"In the Grove"

F. Elizabeth Douglass

Acrylic on Canvas

41" x 41" (Framed)


"Between the Lines" Series (2)

Carlyn Janus

Ink/Paint on Paper

17" x 17" (Framed)


“The gallery serves up a visual feast, with a richly varied inventory that satisfies every (good) taste.”

— D. Vos, Chicago

"I have been to hundreds of galleries across the country and few stand up to the caliber of the Art Post Gallery. None have more friendly or helpful art professionals."

— David Golding

“I get a thrill each time I walk through the door. The artists and the quality of their paintings are exceptional and found no place else.”

— Rita DeVito

“They have an amazing variety of artists and styles; I know I will always find something that works for my clients. And…their framing is exquisite.”

— Karen Silva, KBS Creative Décor

“Such exquisite and experienced taste in artists, subject matter and color pallets can only be the polished result of a trained and sophisticated eye. And…their fine framing is an art form.”

— Rose Place


Special Deals (Making Room For New Arrivals)

"Afternoon in the Park" (30% Off)

Laurie Adams

Oil on Canvas

25" x 21" (Framed)

Was $3,575; Now $2,500

"Dutch Streets I" (25% Off)

J. Rolands

Oil on Canvas

26" x 22" (Framed)

"Leaves III" (20% Off)

Jodi Reeb

Paint on Acrylic

24" x 24" (free standing) ()

Was $890 (each); Now $700

"Abstract X-Dot" (25% Off)

Anke Schofield

Oil on Board

36" x 47" (Framed)

Was $2,650; Now $1,975

"Summer in Venice" (20% Off)

Claudio Simonetti

Oil on Wood Panel

15" x 17" (Framed)

Was $2,175; Now $1,750

"Summer Street" (30% Off)

Yvonne Mora

Acrylic on Canvas

26" x 46" (Framed)

Was $2,650; Now $1,850

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