Known for his rich textures and atmospheric imagery, Tom Matucci balances abstraction and representation into an exquisite fusion that pushes traditional boundaries of painting. Moody landscapes are surrounded by complex textures. A tactile look is achieved, delighting the sense of touch as well as sight. His work has a captivating earthy quality that strikes a primordial chord with the viewer. Tom works intuitively, evolving from his inner self. He never knows how a painting will end up; he lets the process guide him. Matucci’s work is at once dynamic and powerful, quiet and moody. His paintings have been called dimensional poetry, conveying a textural story left to the viewer’s own interpretation. Tom’s artwork has been exhibited in solo and group shows. His work may be found in galleries nationwide and in private and corporate collections worldwide. His collectors span the globe from Napa Valley to Hollywood, Chicago to Boston, South Africa to Paris.

Medium Mixed Media on Canvas

Dimensions 36" x 36" (Gallery Wrap)

Styles Contemporary/Abstract

Subjects Floral