Thomas Hamann - Talk Talk II - 31 x 25

$3,075 (pair only)


Born in Stuttgart in 1955, Thomas Hamann studied at the Technical University of Design in Aachen, Germany and the Academie de Toegepaste Kunsten in Maastricht, Netherlands. In Hamann’s words: “It has been a long time since I could say that I’ve “created” a piece or that I’ve made something. I feel more and more that I am guided, that I put myself into that flow. If I let happen what wants to be expressed, then I experience a feeling that profoundly touches me–a strong sense of harmony and that the work is just right. Sometimes it feels like memories and I wonder to which place it will guide me and I follow as far as it goes. Nature also attracts me strongly. Therefore, every morning I go into the nearby forest. And each time I experience gratitude and peace. There is a perception of clarity here with direct experience of the laws of nature and its rhythm.”

Medium Etching on Hand-made Paper

Dimensions 31" x 25" (Framed)

Styles Etchings, Original Art On Paper

Subjects Abstract , Figurative , Whimsical