“Three Boats”

By Sabina


Sold (Unframed)


Sabina completed her studies at the University of Kiev, in the Ukraine, in the early ‘70s. Upon graduation, she and her family immigrated to Canada, where she now resides in the Toronto area. Through a vigorous and powerful technique, she presents contemporary scenes of landscapes and floral arrangements. Her varied color palette includes many brilliant and bold shades, all counter-balanced by subtle hues. An intensity of light adds to a very profound sense of artistic maturity in her work. Her technique includes a very thick application of paint yielding a three-dimensional aspect to her subject. To complete the piece, Sabina paints fine lines, joyously finding their way through the branches and leaves, giving a sense of lightness and delicateness to the finished work.

Medium Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions 30" x 40" (Unframed)

Styles Transitional

Subjects Landscapes , Trees/Woods , Water/Sailboats