Ron Kempton

Ron Kempton was born in Colorado and received his formal education at the Rocky Mountain School of Design. He is particularly well known for his landscapes and his abstracts.  In his own words… “I love the tension between land and sky.” “In my abstracts, I range from deep, seductive hues to vibrant, gem-like colors. I often try to generate what appears to be a light glowing from deep within the painting’s surface.”  Kempton’s work is held in prominent corporate collections, as well as private collections all over the United States.

Styles: Contemporary/Abstract


Acrylic on Canvas

60" x 48" (Framed)



Acrylic on Canvas

49" x 61" (Framed)


“Live in the Moment”

Acrylic on Canvas

41" x 41" (Framed)



Acrylic on Canvas

48" x 48" (Framed)



Acrylic on Canvas

60" x 48" (Unframed)


“After Sunset”

Acrylic on Canvas

50" x 26" (Framed)