As a child I always gravitated toward arts and crafts as hobbies. I studied watercolor, drawing and photography as art forms, but was fascinated by tactile texture and dabbled in fiber arts and papermaking. Then after 20 years working in the gallery business I really felt excited to create something “raw” and “organic” that could be displayed in its original form. My Deckled Tiles derived directly from my paper making days where I loved seeing evidence of the process… the texture… the blending of materials and yes, the deckled edges! Every tile is unique … it’s full of wonderful surprises. We are not always in control! I was born in Wyoming, my husband and I have resided in Minneapolis most of our lives and last year bought a home in Arizona. The desert is such an inspiring landscape with all its innate beauty and organic color. Member of the Handmade Tile Association. Private study in drawing watercolor and photography – officially studied Interior Design at the University of Minnesota.

Medium Ceramic

Dimensions 21" x 7"

Styles 3-Dimensional Art

Subjects Abstract