Omar Hamdi ("Malva")

Malva is a legendary name and an important personality in the American art scene. A deeply religious man and a painter from Syria, the country of light and color, he represents an attempt to create a “Gesamtkunstwerk,” the integration of intellectual, philosophical, aesthetic and social values in a sensual art form. Born as the first child of a poor shepherd’s family in Tel Naif, a small village of mud cottages, Malva has had a hard life. His natural skills as a painter were not supported by his family. He left his family at age 17 and received much acclaim for his work under his assumed name. But, for political purposes, he was not able to work. He was drafted in the Syrian military as a graphic artist for seven years. He ended up with a wife and family in Beirut, where he escaped with false passports. His wife then left him (with his children) never to be heard from again. A second wife and family allowed him to restart his life in Austria, where he lives today. Through it all, Malva’s creativity seems endless. His naturalistic style gives way to a new expressionism and returns to the colors and lights of his homeland.

Styles: Traditional

“Tuscan Hideaway”

Oil on Canvas

39" x 39" (24k Hand-made Frame)

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