“Nature Variations in Blue”

By Debora Stewart


$5,988 (Unframed)


Debora Stewart’s work is influenced by nature; she refers to it as “Naturation.” It is the experience of nature and not an exact replication. Naturation is often an internal state of being and can come from memories of an experience or from observational drawings 

The artist works in both soft pastel on paper and acrylic and other media on canvas.  Pastels may have a more obvious reference to nature inspirations while paintings often reflect a more intuitive, inner experience. Soft pastels often begin with observational contour drawings. These drawings are rearranged as elements in an abstracted pastel painting. Acrylics on canvas are very intuitive and are often inspired by a similar experience as the pastels but expressed differently. It’s all about the experience in nature. Nature is internal.

Debora’s works are in a constant state of flux and growth, never satisfied with the status quo and always striving for growth and change.  She is represented by galleries throughout the United States and has exhibited my work in the US, China, and France.  She works and lives in Iowa.


Medium Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions 58" x 58" (Unframed)

Styles Contemporary/Abstract

Subjects Abstract