“Pink African Violet”

By Lisa Tavolacci


$200 (Unframed)


Lisa Tavolacci has lived and worked in Connecticut most of her life and has been painting since she was a child. She attended Emmaul College in Boston and graduated from Paier College of Art. Lisa’s work is inspired by her backyard perennial garden that to her husband’s chagrin grows larger every year! She employs a pain staking layering process with watercolors that produces a dynamic vibrancy rarely seen in this medium. Her work is highly detailed and accurately represents a wide range of flowering plant materials. She displays a wonderful sense of design and makes exquisite use of color. Tavolacci’s work is held in collections throughout the United States and Canada.

Medium Watercolor Giclée

Dimensions 10" x 10" (Unframed)

Styles Original Art On Paper, Printmaking, Printmaking (Watercolor Giclée)

Subjects Floral