Irina Koulikov - Dusty Road - 28 x 52

$3,800 (Framed)


Born in Kokand Uzbekistan, Irina Koulikov studied fine art at Moscow University.  Before turning to painting, she was a student of music, studying at the Leningrad Conservatory and singing in the Rimsky-Korakov Opera Theatre.  Her interest in the rhythms and harmony of nature is what first drew her to music.  While the translucent light effects of William Turner’s paintings may be traced in Irina’s oeuvre, it is the 19th-century French romantic tradition that emerges as the most prominent influence for the artist.  The soft brushstroke, diffuse light, and muted palette all recall Camille Corot’s portraits of the Fontainebleau Forest.  Irina uses acrylic paint, applied in opaque layers to create volume.  Most essential to her technique is the liberal use of liquid encaustic.  In addition to creating a thick and dynamic texture, the wax medium also serves to seemingly age the canvas by softening and yellowing its color.  The result is a dream-like quality in her work.  Irina lives and works in Toronto.  Her work is exhibited throughout North America.

Medium Encaustic (Bees Wax & Paint)

Dimensions 28" x 52" (Framed)

Styles Transitional

Subjects Landscapes , Trees/Woods