Henri Plisson

Henri Plisson was born in 1934 in Omaha, Nebraska as Patrick Ryan. He later embraced the name of Henri Plisson to be used in his impressionist paintings. He originally attended the University Of Nebraska, but continued his studies at the University Of Southern California. It was here that he obtained his Master of Fine Arts degree. Many feel Plisson’s style of painting used seemingly inherent methods, which he combined with a unique sense of color and dynamic, lustrous images. In his own words: “Painting is elusive. It is very difficult to verbalize, as you’re putting into words something that speaks on its own.” Such luminaries as Rock Hudson, Katherine Ross, Aaron Spelling and Gene Kelly collected this modern American Impressionist’s works. Plisson died in 2006. His work remains very popular to this day.

Styles: Original Art On Paper , Printmaking , Printmaking (Serigraphs)

“The Patio”

Serigraph (83/100)

16" x 20" (Unframed)


“Pathway to the Sea”

Serigraph (Artist's Proof - 6/34)

30" x 24" (Unframed)