Dmitriy V. Proshkin - Times Square II - 40 x 28

$1,200 (Framed)


Dmitriy Proshkin was born in 1973 in Ufa, Russia. He studied at Ufa’s College of Art between 1988 and 1992, and upon passing the entrance board, began his five year study at Ufa’s Art Institute. Proshkin’s work is heavily influenced by the masters of landscape, including such great artists as Claude Monet, Pissaro, Sisley and Marke. He has also extensively studied the Russian masters, including Korovin, Shiskin, Savrosov, Vassilev and Levitan. The elevated tradition of the Russian masters has become fundamental to him and has served as a guidebook in his own creative development. Dmitriy’s work can be found in private collections in Russia and throughout Europe and the United States.

Medium Oil on Board

Dimensions 40" x 28" (Framed)

Styles Transitional

Subjects Architectural , City Scenes