$1,250 (Unframed)


Dr. Christian Title began his art education studying at the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design. He also studied at Woodbury College, the Beaux-Arts Académie in Paris, France and the Sorbonne University where he received his doctorate. Title’s art has been influenced by contemporary masters including Andre L’Hote, Oskar Kokoschka and Fernand Leger. In 1956, Christian completed his studies in Europe and returned to the United States. With the influence of two artists in neighboring studios, Paul Gerchik and Milton Gershgoren, his work began to reflect a much more brilliant palette. His scenes have a sense of familiarity to them, while remaining mysterious and ethereal. Title enjoys an international reputation. His work can be found in collections all over the world.

Medium Serigraph (hand-signed 279/300)

Dimensions 24" x 30" (Unframed)

Styles Original Art On Paper, Printmaking, Printmaking (Serigraphs)

Subjects Landscapes , Trees/Woods