$725 (Framed)


Christian Charvet was born in Paris in 1940. The artist’s work has evolved through three periods: 1) the “Blue Period” (1970’s), which was characterized by monochrome coloration; 2) the “Blue Period Continuation” (1980’s), in which social groups appear, represented within a carnival theme, but still monochrome and cold looking; and 3) the “Red Period” (1990’s), in which color tones change and he introduces a series of studies on painters and poets. Most notable is his study of the poet Arthur Rimbaud. Charvet’s work was recently honored by the French Postal Service, which issued a stamp with Rimbaud’s image.

Medium Oil on Board

Dimensions 17" x 14" (Framed)

Styles Transitional

Subjects Figurative , Whimsical