“Gold Daybreak”

By C.J. Nash




Northern California artist C.J. Nash has used her artwork to connect the physical world with the subconscious since she was a young child. In her own words: “Creating with colors and shapes has always been my method for exploring and expressing those feelings not lent to more literal comprehension and articulation. When I was younger, constructing little art projects was how I interpreted the world around me into relative terms for a child. It proved a great stress relief for me. As I grew older, I learned that creating could be as much an expressive experience as a cathartic one. Now, I really listen for that inner voice coming out in my work.” Known for her willingness to embrace new processes, materials and techniques, Nash has experimented with a variety of media. She credits her Art & Design degree from San Jose State for a solid understanding of creative fundamentals and her extensive collaboration with artisans for her rapid growth as an emerging young artist.

Medium Paint on Steel

Dimensions 15" Diameter - Freestanding

Styles 3-Dimensional Art

Subjects Abstract