Joan Armour

Joan Armour studied at the Dundas Valley School of Art in Ontario. She has been producing art for the past 25 years. Her work is described by others as “true impressionism” and employs the strong use of brush strokes and palette, counterbalanced with a wispy style that promotes movement. She paints daily ‘en plein air’ and in all seasons. Her paintings begin as sketches and are later transformed into larger works. In her own words… “It is difficult for me to use words to express my love for nature and landscape painting. When I’m painting, I find myself falling into the moment where my presence, easel, paints and the surrounding beauty all seem to blend together as one.” Joan presently works out of a small studio in the Oak Ridges Moraine, In Ontario.

Styles: Transitional

“Hillside Impression”

Oil on Canvas

37" x 43" (Framed)


“Lake Eugenia”

Oil on Canvas

44" x 44" (Framed)


“Country Road”

Oil on Canvas

39" x 48" (Unframed)


“Afternoon Light”

Oil on Canvas

30" x 36" (Unframed)


“Tree Line”

Oil on Canvas

40" x 40" (Unframed)