Pietro Adamo

Pietro Adamo was born in Toronto in 1955 and received his formal training in Fine Art and Art History at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. While he has great respect for traditional methods, he constantly experiments and expands his knowledge.  Adamo uses modeling pastes and various gel mediums combined with silica sand to create the unique textured qualities within his pieces. He begins by creating the texture of the work, and then layers the acrylic ground color on top. He sands the work, paints an additional color layer, and then sands again. He uses conte crayons and different oil veneers and washes for highlight and accents. His work is deliberate and tedious at times, the color sophisticated and passionate.  In his own words: “I am once again reminded of the delicate balance of all things great and small. Color and texture from nature and simple iconography from my ancestry combine to form the language of my art.”  Pietro’s work can be found in collections throughout Canada, Europe and the United States.

Styles: Transitional

“Gardenia II”

Acrylic on Canvas

30" x 60" (Unframed)